We have members at several schools within the state and out of state. Rank listed is recognized  where ever Shinsei Hapkido  (Our primary in house style www.shinseihapkido.com), Sung Ja Do,   Tae Kwon Do, Pang Gi Noon Gung Fu or Tang Soo Do is taught around the globe.
Dan Averill- Certified Black Belt Instructor,  Mike Patrick, Sr.-  Certified Black Belt Instructor, Margaret Timmer – Black Belt Instructor Andy Fralick Senior  Certified Black Belt Instructor, Leslie Sowl Certified Black Belt Instructor,  Sifu Rick Giorgi, Micah Hepler.Ron Horrigan

Beverly RCA Karate Club

Black belt 7th degree

Mike Patrick, Sr.

Black belt 4th degree

Dan Averill

Black belt 3rd degree

Margaret Timmer

Black belt 2nd degree

Micah Hepler 10/24/2015

Black Belt first degree

Sam Gorlitz 11/15/2014

Patrick Averill 10/26/2013

Ron Horrigan 10/24/2015

Nick Rusticus 10/24/2015

Brown Belt with two stripes:

Corey Williams 03/26/2016

Haley Horrigan 2/12/2015

Jason VanOvereen – 10/04/2014

Brown Belt with stripe

Brown Belt-

Red Belt with stripe-

Emmalyn Seelye – 11/21/2015

Adam Knobloch – 10/24/2015

Mileea Seelye -10/24/2015

Mackenzie Devries 01/31/2015

Tyler DeVries

Alexis DeVries –

Red Belt-

Douglas Seelye – 05/23/2014

Sam Timmer

Blue Belt w/black stripe –

Braxton Threat  07/8/2014

Kevin Williams 04/16/2013

Travis Root,  Abbey Gorlitz
Blue Belt –

Green Belt w/stripe- 

Lexi Adams

Mike Freeman – 05/16/2012

Green Belt –

Amanda, Brandon, Chelsea Cunningham  04/23/2016

Josh Feenstra,
John Feinberg
Purple Belt w/black stripe –


Purple Belt-

Marino Adamey

Andrew Hoffman, Nathan Knobloch
Orange w/black stripe-

Kaidra Adam 1/16/2014

Orange Belt –

Marisel Adamey  08/26/2014

Alex Gorlitz 07/08/2014

Johnathan Gomez – 05/06/2014

Jacob Gravelyn

Rachael Timmer  02/12/2012

Yellow Belt w/black stripe-

Grace Beebe 10/24/2015

Bea, Josh Korom  9/27/2014

Jackson Adams 10/26/2013

Evelyn Adams 10/26/2013

Yellow Belt –

Orion  11/21/2015

Mary Williams 10/24/2015

Gabriel 10/24/2015

Kayla 10/24/2015

Akena Allen 10/24/2015

White Belt  w/stripe-

Roberto Noa

Isaiah 10/24/2015

Hunter and Chad 05/06/2014

Tyler James 11/12/2013

Hudson Adams 10/26/2013


Brookside club

BLACK Belt first degree – Patrick Averill- 10/19/2013

Blue Belt –

Alexis Moulter – 05/09/2016

Rejeana Sowers – 03/2016

Braxton Threat – 07/08/2014

Ben Hermen  2/11/2013

Javin Brouwers  07/30/2012

Green Belt with Stripe

Green Belt – 

Jane Nibbelink- o1/26/2013

Purple Belt  w/stripe-

Purple Belt-

Dylan DeVries

Orange Belt W/stripe-

 Cristen Sower 10/0/2013

Orange Belt-

Maria Brouwers 06/03/2013

Yellow w/black stripe –

Victoria Nibbelink – 01/26/2013

Yellow Belt–

Keyanna – 5/18/2015

Peter Plugger

White Belt w/strip:

Roberto 4/18/2016

Josiah 11/3/2014

Maureen and Jerry Harper – 11/20/2012

Elizabeth Nibbelink –
Charlevoix Karate CLub

Mike Patrick, Sr.  – 7th Dan