Karate for Christ of Michigan adult screening form and behavior policy

It has been brought to our attention on several occasions that in order to maintain credibility with the organizations that we work with, we need to have a background check program in place. This does three things. First of all it protects the children that have been placed in our charge, it protects the adults that are part of the program and it protects the credibility of KFCOM.

We teach our students to be protected physically and spiritually but we must also protect them socially. This can be done with a simple screening form that checks with the State police data base.  The information will be gathered by a third party organization such as a sponsoring church and will be kept until the person is no longer part of KFCOM and then will be shredded.

Who needs to be screened? Following standard procedures used by schools, businesses and churches; any teacher or participant age 18 and above must fill out the form. Why you might ask? In our family style mixed aged classes all students are teachers and all teachers are students.

Behavioral guidelines:

Since we engage in a physical contact sport it is difficult not to touch each other but everyone knows the difference between good touch and bad touch.  Since this is common knowledge and has already been discussed previously, anyone who consciously and repeatedly attempts or succeeds in touching areas of the body of someone else such as genetalia or chest area on a woman will be excused from class and a incident report will be written and such behavior will be discussed and reported to the appropriate authorities. Any exceptions would be based on age and level of comprehension.

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