Joy Christian Center

Here’s a wonderful little devotional by Roy Lessin. Is your tank filled up today?

Be filled with the Spirit. Ephesians 5:18

richman_red_hook_wayne_pump_close“When I first started driving there were two distinct choices at the gas station, regular gas or Ethyl. To put it simply, if you had a big car with a powerful, high performance engine, you needed Ethyl gas. The car could still run on regular gas, but it would not perform well. With Ethyl in the tank the car would sing, without Ethyl the car would ping.

Like a high performance car, we were made to operate on Ethyl gas. Living life on inferior gasoline makes us ping instead of sing. We cannot live life in our own strength or depend upon our own resources—we were not made to go it alone, or do it alone.

We were made by God and for His purposes. To live the life…

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