“We Are Here For Such A Time As This” by Joseph Lumpkin

In our training we learn the hard way about the necessity of timing. Balance, timing, technique, and breath make up the four crucial ingredients of martial arts. God expects us to have the same four-point focus in our ministry as our martial training: balance, timing, technique, and breath.

God wants us to have timing. If our timing is not correct in our martial art we get hit or kicked, or we will not be in the right place to do the technique. We practice our timing in our martial arts over and over again, looking for any sign of imperfection. Yet, in our lives we virtually ignore the timing. Many times we have no sense of what is happening around us and what part we play in the grand plan unfolding. One never knows why God chose for us to be at a place in a certain time, but we can be sure it is to do two things: Love His people and spread His name. Timing is an amazing thing. A word spoken in season will take root even if the person has heard the same message a thousand times. Work done in God’s time yields a thousand fold when compared to the same work done in our time. Like a crop planted in the wrong season, our hard work gives little result if not done in the proper time. We can work hard or we can work in God’s season and reap the harvest. The Lord puts us in the situation he wants us in when it comes to helping people and doing His work We never have to worry about our timing if we trust God and we understand that we have been put here for such a time as this. We need not run all over the globe trying to find our place. God will place us where he wants us. We will be invited to do His work in His time and in the place he wants us. God wants us to have His timing.

He expects balance. An unbalanced Christian is a detriment to the salvation of others. We should be loving and caring. We should be balanced between heaven and the world. We should understand that people need comfort and friendship here before they will be open to our words about salvation. Condemnation, hate, judging, or confrontations yield nothing but pain and distance. They are acts of hateful, ignorant people. We must lead by example, by trust, and by love, not by force, manipulation, threats, or coercion. We must have balance in our ministry.

We must have technique. We must know how to pray. We should understand how to listen for God’s instructions. We must know how to listen to others and have compassion. So many times it is in the telling of the story that people begin to heal. Sometimes the story must be told many times and the person comforted and prayed for many times before healing begins. We must know the Word in order to teach the word. We must have technique.

We must have breath. Breath is the most important thing in life. It is the thing we die most quickly without. Breath is the Spirit of God. God breathed in to Adam and he became a living soul. God inspires us. The word inspires means that God breathes in to us. We must have the spirit of the Living God. We must have the Holy Spirit. We must have breath. Without the spirit of God in us we can not know his timing, we can not have his loving balance, nor can we hear his instructions or understand his Word. Without balance, timing, technique, and breath we are poor warriors for God or self.

Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”

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