Much talk is given over to the subject of “God’s blessing” and “God’s people”. It makes you wonder sometimes, whose side is God on?

During the Iraq war, was God on the Coalition forces side or the Iraqis? Christians believe of course that He is on the side of the West because the West is Christian. History is rife with examples of each side being convinced that God is with them and not their adversary. So let me ask the question-

What does God say?

If we look at the book of Joshua, chapter five, we see a very interesting story. Joshua is confronted with a man holding a sword and Joshua asks the man, “Whose side are you on, ours or the enemy’s?”. The man answers, “Neither, but as the Captain of the Lord’s host am I here”.

That man was in fact an angel and he tells Joshua that God is not on his side. The question is, who is on God’s side? We have to realize that God does not take sides. He is looking for people to be on His side.

God does not take sides. He is looking for people to be on His Side.

Another point to note. In Matthew 6:33-36 Jesus says some famous words. He urges His disciples seek God and His righteousness. What is God’s righteousness? Well, when we take a look at the Greek we see that God’s righteousness is God’s way of doing things.

What that means is we are to seek to do things and see things the way God sees and does them. In other words we are to be on His side and follow His way of acting and living. If people spent more time doing that and less time claiming God as a cheering section we might have a more peaceful world.

Remember, we are too weak and imperfect for God to take our side, He does not want to associate Himself with our sinful nature. But for those that are on God’s side and seek His righteousness, they will have a much more enjoyable and peaceful life. So stop worrying about whose side God is on, He’s not on anybody’s side, and start taking action to be on His side.

Courtesy Gerry Hartigan

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