Karate for Christ Newsletter

March 2012

Dear Members,

To help direct and assist our members, I have put together a new Advisory Board.  The new board members will help me with operations, membership, events, evangelism, and creating martial arts ministry material.  The board members are also acting as Administrators for the Karate for Christ International FB page.  This page has been setup for members and friends of Karate for Christ.   If you are a member of Facebook and would like to be added to the KFCI group page just send me an email.  On the FB page there is a document with the ground rules for operation.   Our new board members are Buddy Duke from Texas, Chris Stewart from California, Bobby Teague from Arkansas, and Phil Guthrie from Missouri.  I will be posting their profiles, duties and photo’s on the KFCI website soon.  These men are committed to helping members of Karate for Christ International make a difference for Christ.  We believe in the power of evangelism through martial arts ministries.

Brother David Dunn



There are five elements that produce destructive power in Martial Arts are:

1. Action and Reaction Force     2. Concentration on Target or (Focus)
 3. Proper Breathing     4. Balance and body control          5. Speed

Many Martial Art styles do not do forms training and they do not understand why others do them. As a Member of Karate for Christ International which has many styles of Martial Arts and as a 1st Degree BB in Shotokan Karate, 1st Degree BB in Hanmudo, and a 5th Degree Taekwondo Instructor I felt it would be helpful to some of our members understand why some styles do forms training. I also hope if you teach forms training this article will help you realize that forms training is much more than simply memorizing a set of moves.

Forms are a combinations of attacks and blocks, teaching the student to put together many combinations of attacks and blocks he or she has learned. These combinations become so habitual to the student that they can be used them without hesitation. 

1. Action and Reaction Force – We know that Newton’s Third Law regarding action and reaction force works on every object. There is an equal reaction force to every action force that is exerted on an object.

When a form is done correctly you will chamber before the technique this will cause Action and Reaction Force. 

When a punch is thrown natural reaction force pushes the trunk of the body in the opposite direction from the punch.     (DO SEVERAL PUNCHES WITHOUT PULLING ARM BACK)

Typically the body counters this by tightening, which hinders speed and restricts breathing. However, when a punch is executed and the opposite arm is properly and simultaneously drawn back, the trunk does not feel the punch’s reaction force and you can remain relaxed so the trunk may finish contributing its full effort to the technique.     (DO SEVERAL PUNCHES PULLING ARM BACK)

 When a student does a form correctly they will develop precision movement. That is to say, the student doing a form well, not only has speed and focus, but their speed and focus must be delivered accurately if the form is to be done correctly. This leads to the ability to deliver a swift, powerful blow on target.

2. Concentration on Target (Focus) – There are 365 vital spots in a human body. There are a few vital spots can easily be found on any person’s body; the solar plexus, temple, kidney, windpipe, groin, etc.

These are the basic target areas for the defender when faced with an assailant. By concentrating the impact force onto these spots, the defender increases the effect of his counter attack.

On the other hand a larger striking surface diminishes the power of a strike or a greater surface area and reduces its effectiveness.

3.  Proper Breathing – Controlled breathing not only conceals any outward signs of exhaustion, but also helps concentrate power, promote speed and permit preparation for additional movements.

Effective breath control is  imperative for a martial artist. Never inhale while blocking or attacking an opponent. It slows down the movements and diminishes the power of the blow.

4. Balance and Body Control – No sport or athletic activity omits the importance of maintaining balance.

Martial Arts is no exception, rather it requires special emphasis on it.

One reason why a practitioner must keep his shoulder square and his feet in a particular position is to achieve proper balance.

This aligns the body and ensures the centering of the mass of the body. Your entire body must be behind the technique. This “unified” strike will be much stronger than one that is simply generated by the arm or leg. Proper balance is essential for both a quick attack and instant recovery. 

Every movement in every form must be done with balance if the form is to be done correctly. Some forms present a considerable test of this quality. Any blow delivered from a position of unbalance (even a good blow), will put the person in a vulnerable position such as leaning backward, forward or to the side.

5. Speed – We often hear about the “lightening blow”. Why is it so awesome? The key to the question is speed. A bullet shot from a rifle has more destructive power than an arrow from a bow because the bullet has more speed.

Of course, speed alone cannot accomplish a desired result unless used along with the other four elements.

The speed in the hand and foot techniques can only be acquired by the repetitive practicing of each movement. There is no easier or faster way of acquiring speed than practicing the maneuvers over and over.

Under the direction of a instructor, it is possible for the speed of techniques to improve, breath control to strengthen, balance to become more stable, concentration to increase and the individual’s action and reaction force to become more powerful. The faster you hit a target causes more energy to be transferred to the target.

This is demonstrated in the speed break – if a technique is done with sufficient speed, the board can be broken before it is pushed away.



Forms training is one part of Martial Arts training that develops the five elements that produce destructive power. 

1. Action and Reaction Force     2. Concentration on Target or (Focus)
 3. Proper Breathing     4. Balance and body control          5. Speed

To sum up the reason for forms training it will enable an instructor to tell how far a student has progressed. How well a student does his or her form is a good measure of the person’s skill.  Proper Stretching, Proper Exercise, Focus Target Drills, and Controlled Sparring One, Two, and Three Step Sparring also help develop these five elements.


Article from Board Member Buddy Duke


Student Yellow Belt Essay

Sometimes student essays are a blessing.  


Why Me and Christian Martial Arts? 

One of the greatest needs for Christian men is the fellowship of other Christian men. I am included in this. I have participated in various activities with my son to include him in the fellowship of other Christian boys and men so he can enjoy the fellowship of believers in many contexts. A physical activity, such as this program is a natural opportunity to not only spend time with him, but also with other men. Christian martial arts is unique for me because it does not place me in a role above him or in a leader or teacher position. It gives me an opportunity to begin at the same level as him and to progress with him. In time, I will be able to disciple those younger or less experienced not only in the martial arts discipline but about Christ as well.

Christian martial arts also puts Christ at the center of all we do. The program is not merely for the building up of self but the building of our relationship with the Lord Jesus. We are not looking for that inner-strength or some mystic energy we can either draw upon or muster up ourselves. We recognize that all power and authority come from Christ. This is unlike the Taoist and Buddhist teachings of traditional martial arts. On the physical level, my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and it is my desire to make sure I keep it healthy through what I ingest and through physical exercise. This program helps me develop and maintain the physical exercise my body needs. It also instills discipline and confidence which is not just for my body, but my mind and spirit as well. Seeing Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and others when I was younger showed me some benefits of the martial arts. Knowing Chuck serves the Lord makes it even that more enjoyable. 

By Jay Klika,   

Springfield Missouri Shinsei Hapkido



Karate for Christ Sanctioned Events


June 9, 2012 The Smokey Mountain Christian Classic
Location: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee                                

September 22 2012 
Arkansas Karate for Christ Tournament
Location: The Center at Bishop
6401 Boone Rd, Bryant, AR 72022
More information to come. 
Contact Bobby Teague 501-860-5760

October 20 2012 Springfield Homecoming Seminar


We are planning a fall training seminar open to all styles.  

The schedule of events will be posted soon.



Karate for Christ Headquarters

October 20, 2012

9:00 AM to 4:30 PM



Contact: David Dunn


Location: Springfield, Missouri

Phone: 417-880-4701



Nov 2,3, 2012 The Northern Ohana Charity  Weekend
London Ontario Canada
Sponsored by Southwell’s Kenpo
More information to come.
Contact Scott Southwell  scottsouthwell6@hotmail.com



Michael Lewis
Thank you for the many prayers for our brother Michael Lewis.  The surgery is helping the back and leg. However he has been fighting an infection and fever.  Say’s he went to the ER and they gave him some antibiotics and recommended rest. Let’s keep him on the pray list a little longer.


Christian Teachers


Read Matthew 5:14-16 (NKJV)

14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

In teaching you can never over emphasize the importance of being a positive Christian influence.  If you allow a negative atmosphere to prevail in your dojo, it’s like putting a basket over the lampstand.  The attitudes and training start to have a negative effect on your students.  When you teach with a good Christian attitude, there is a positive effect.  You will notice a good attitudes for learning and a healthy atmosphere.  You are a light, you are a way shower, you are a mentor, you’re an Ambassador for Christ.  Pray about you classes and what you can do for God, and remember your students are watching you. 

Brother David Dunn

 Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”


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