Lessons from a Toyota Corolla
posted in Jim’s Blog by Jim Denison

Where you’re going matters more than how you get there. I learned that lesson today from a Toyota Corolla.

Last Saturday I flew from Dallas to Austin, where I picked up my car rental. Because I wanted a navigational device (given my directional challenges), my options were limited to a silver Corolla. It became my home away from home for the next five days until I returned it at the San Antonio airport this afternoon.

I’ve not driven a car this small in a long time. The Hill Country springtime winds blew it around like a kite while the 18-wheelers on the highways looked down on me with pity, but the car got me everywhere I needed to be. Included in my tour were three days speaking at a conference center surrounded by lakes, hills, and forests. The destination was worth the travel.

God gave us bodies as vehicles for a pilgrimage. Jesus promised his followers that one day we would arrive at our “room” in our Father’s house (John 14:2); the word he used originally referred to a destination at the end of a journey. When that day comes, you will step out of your earthly “car” and go into your heavenly house. Those still on the road will see your vehicle sitting empty in the driveway. They will not be able to see you in your home, but their limitation makes you no less alive. You can’t see into the houses around you, but that fact makes their inhabitants no less real.

So long as you follow the Spirit’s navigation today, you’ll arrive at your intended destination. And one day, when your car has fulfilled its purpose, you’ll be home.


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