Update for the October/November update. First and foremost, Praise God!  We are certain that all the good quality and quantity of time received is the results of all you faithful Prayer Warriors.

The good news is that we have been fortunate enough to be afforded the time to share and experience these past 24 month’s since the diagnosis in March 2009.

The bad news is that no trials availed themselves for Becky’s condition. So, we provide  the following summary for your review and continued prayers:

  • Based on Becky’s condition all treatments stopped on September 15, 2010.
  • Typical of Becky, she continued to pray that this burden be lifted from all of us.
  • There were doubts about Thanksgiving, Becky’s birthday, Christmas, New Year, and the follow up medical appointment that she scheduled for January 19th. What an inspiration she has been to me; what unbelievable strength; Becky was still practicing her Forms and Hapkido’s until the end of January. Becky “directed” me to announce in class that she was challenging them to work harder. She relayed, “learn your inner strength and focus to be successful in all that you attempt. If I can do this with Pancreatic Cancer, you have no excuses!” Isn’t that just her!
  • February 5th started a rapid decline in her condition with fever, increased pain, weight loss, and over-all weakness. February 9th, we began Hospice for more frequent and direct care focusing on quality not quantity of life.
  • The decline has exasperated what little strength she can muster. Her pain has been managed effectively throughout with minimal exceptions. The transition to Morphine was tolerated without event.
  • Today we meet a very difficult challenge and at face value, certainly seem insurmountable. The decision was made and we still look for the miracle that can still happen through His grace.
  • We thank all of you for your continued thoughts and prayers. Please continue your prayers and KNOW they are impacting in ways that have been and are unbelievable.

Please pass this email on to others that I may have inadvertently missed. Bless each and every one of you for your thoughts, prayers, and concerns.

Warm Regards,
Larry and Becky



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