One of our associates woke up in the middle of the night and this was in his mind. He immediately wrote it down and below is what it was:


Life is like a broken record, full of sorrow full of care

Broken dream, broken promise, broken plans that go nowhere

Bitter tears, bitter memories, life that’s wasted, life of pain

Won’t someone please give me an answer, bring back the joy again.

Then in my pain and in my sorrow, a still small voice it came to me

“I am your Father, I’ve always been here, I have a plan to set you free

You see, I sent my Son from Heaven, and He died there for your sin

And then He arose, O glorious morning, you can begin your life again”

Life down here, it’s still not easy full of trouble full of woe

Satan tries to defeat me, tear me down, bring me low

But grace, freely given, daily gift from the Son of Man

There is my point of refuge. He is a Rock where I can stand.

I know one day I’ll stand in glory or rather kneel before the throne

Jesus will be there beside me; I won’t have to go alone

Then the true record, it will be opened, and I’ll hear that voice again

When the Father says “Well done my child, Now, you come on in

Fulfilled promise, completed plan, much more than I could ever ever dream

Eternal life, that means forever, like a never-ending stream.

Yes my life will not be over; no we’ve only just begun

Walking with my Lord, my Savior into the morning sun

Mike Freeman
All Rights reserved


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