Selfless (self·less) putting other people’s needs first

The sign above Jesus could have been mounted in a throne room and read “Jesus Christ, King of the Earth.” Instead it read “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” and hung above our Lord’s head as He died on the cross.

The fact that our Lord cared more for us than for Himself is evident by His actions. How easy would it have been for Him to have set up His kingdom immediately and had the whole world at His feet? Certainly it would have been much more pleasurable. I am sure that any one of us would have done just that if presented with the option. For Christ though, it was not an option because He was selfless.

His compassion for others outweighed His own personal comfort and desires. He consistently put the needs of others ahead of His own. In Matthew 14:13-14 we see Jesus right after He learns of the death of His friend John the Baptist, seeking some time alone. When He sees the downtrodden that have followed Him, He is moved to compassion despite His personal pain. That compassion turns to action as He selflessly gives of His own time to heal them.

Ask God to give you a heart to serve others.

What is your reaction to requests for help? Do you freely give of yourself? When you give, is there resentment in your mind because of the imposition? Are you able to put the needs of others ahead of your own?

Allow God to work on your heart this week in the area of selflessness. Pray consistently that He would provide you with avenues this week to serve others and do so without the expectation of any results or returns from the time you invest.

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