In order to prepare you for the next phase in your Christjitsu training, we have compiled the following fact sheet that will help you get to know more about the Grand Master. This is by no means a complete listing of the attributes and facts concerning our Master, rather a brief overview to prepare your heart to seek him with all that you are. To know Jesus better and better takes time and a slow walk with Him through life.

The Grand Master Jesus Christ:
Is a gentle and humble teacher and offers rest for the souls of students who wear His perfect-fitting yoke, promising the burdens would be light.

His life was a complete failure to everyone but to God. But what seemed like failure to those who didn’t understand was a wondrous victory to God.

Wasn’t religious — not even spiritual — but He walked with God.

Already knows us. He wants us to know Him.

Calls His Anointed Fighters without irresistible pressure from the outside. The quiet, yet passionate, insistence of His “Follow Me” is spoken to those who are receptive.

Is your best friend. He laid down his life so that we might become friends of God. Most of us think of friendship as shared respect, trust and values. Jesus knew Judas would punch him in the back of the head, yet he called him “friend.”

Tells us to be His witnesses. Whatever we observe, whatever we learn, walking with Jesus, training in Christjitsu, we must share with others. Jesus doesn’t want us to fight for God, but to be used by God in His battles.

Did not say, “Make my sheep converts to your way of thinking.” We are to “feed” His sheep, look after them, encourage them, see they are nourished in the knowledge of Jesus.

Calls me to live in such a perfect relationship with God that my life produces, not admiration for me. but a yearning for God in the lives of others, Thinking about me hinders my usefulness to God. Gods purpose is not to perfect me to make me a championship belt in His showcase; He is getting me to the place where He can use me inside the Cage of Life. If and when I let Him do what He wants.

Was never suspicious of anyone, never bitter toward anyone. His confidence in God, and in how God’s grace can change people, is so perfect he never views anyone as hopeless.

Tells us to be of good cheer (to laugh) because He has overcome the world.

Tells us that as we keep our eyes on him, circumstances don’t matter. We can win the difficult rounds. If we take our eyes off him and look at our circumstances, we are overwhelmed. We will be knocked out. We must let circumstances be what they are and keep recognizing Jesus.

Just as he took the twelve, He takes us, all the time, not for what we can do for Him but what He can do for us.

Lived in another world, inwardly disconnected from this world, but He was not aloof. He devoted Himself to sinners, lepers, tax collectors, anyone who needed hope. When we, like the Grand Master, are dedicated to God’s interest in every person and every circumstance, He sets us apart from sin and makes us holy. He does it, we don’t. Our job is to look for Him in everyone and everything.

To love Jesus personally and passionately is the purpose of our lives. Remember, it is called a fight for a reason. However, we fight from our Grand Master’s victory not for victory. KEEP FIGHTING.

Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, thank you for such a loving gift. To know your son Jesus and to have him living and breathing within me is beyond comprehension. AMEN


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