One of the most difficult areas to grow spiritually is in our witness to others. We are bombarded with statistics that show a very low percentage of born-again believers actually share their faith with others. Yet we are told that we have the same basis for confidence that the Apostle Paul did.

So why are we ashamed to talk about Jesus?

Many believe that word doesn’t describe their attitude, but Jesus Himself used that description in Mark 8:38. People commonly say that they do not have the time, or hate to be pushy and rude. Still others say that they are witnessing through the way they live.

These are all just weak excuses and I say this as someone who struggles mightily in this area. The bottom line is that we are embarrassed to talk about Jesus because we are worried about how we will be perceived. In other words, we are ashamed.

What we need to do is change our understanding of what we are doing when we share the Gospel. We are not pushing our beliefs on another person, we are simply telling them about what we have found. You cannot in your own power “save” somebody, it is only through the Holy Spirit that this miraculous event happens. So relax and just share. Share about the grace that has entered your life and the joy you have found.

Be confident in His power to change hearts and be bold as a result

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