Martial arts, it is deeper than the deepest pool, higher than the highest peak. Many enter the training halls but realization is difficult. It is dangerous as the sword, beneficial or injurious according to use. Martial artists must place their minds on compassion and allow Love to spring forth.

The purpose of the ‘Sword of Life’ lies here. Love all things of life and use the sword for righteousness. However, it is always wiser not to use the sword. Think deeply before speaking and learn to listen to others. Respect the character of others and continue to focus on spiritual attainment and martial arts training Once the body becomes comfortable the mind becomes idle. Push the body through rigorous training and always strive for advancement. Part of nature is also man, be close to nature, Far from evil close to good.

Hypocrisy and greed are big part of social vice; extricate oneself from it to obtain clear mindedness. Through martial arts, martial artists must learn patience and perseverance, self-introspection, gentle appearance but indomitable spirit.Learn to contribute to society and cultivate virtue.

This is the essence of (mu sool) martial arts.

(Hwarin gum or sword of life is what Korean martial artists strived for. Martial arts were not practiced just for skill enhancement. They believed martial arts if practiced correctly could save lives. They were the protectors of the nation and keepers of the peace. Conversely, salin gum or sword of death was a path martial artists wished to avoid. Nevertheless, only a fine line separated the two and martial artists realized this.)
In Sun Seo

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