This is the period of the 70 sevens referred to under the head of Chronology. We need not therefore further enlarge on it here beyond pointing out the spiritual significance of the number itself as being seven times seventy.

Daniel was praying, and he was concerned about the 70 years prophesied of by Jeremiah (Daniel 9:2 and Jeremiah 25:11,12, 19:10). And the answer meant that though those 70 appointed years were about to end in restoration and blessing, another period of seven times 70 years had been determined (9:24-27), and they would commence from the very “decree” (Nehemiah 2) which should end the former 70 years. And these should run their course, marked by certain incidents, before the full and final restoration of Daniel’s “city” and “people” should be accomplished.

The number 490 marks the product of spiritual perfection (7) with regard to the working out of Jerusalem’s number (70). For 7 times 70 is 490.

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